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Solo show at the Galleria Ferrarin with inauguration on December 15 at 17.30

Dear fan of Art,

Continuing the journey of Love Art, after the event dedicated to Virgil Guidi greatly appreciated by the many visitors, the library Ferrarin Mondadori offers a view of Christmas with the inauguration on 15 December 2007 at 17.30, dedicated to Franco Beraldo, artist particularly known for works to fresco. The exhibition presents an overview of production Beraldo, from figurative to the last stage of research pictorial characterized by simplifying the codes of expressive figuration that gradually become less and less recognizable to renew itself in the pure abstraction. The works, frescoes and oils on paper and canvas, are published in a monograph edited by Dino Marangon, who will present the path of the artist at present.

The works of Franco Beraldo may be the right occasion for an original idea. The Library also proposes Ferrarin for your Christmas artwork, books and art books collectible rare, beyond many other ideas for your gifts that you can find in the Library departments, Music and Film.

Another event not to miss, and an opportunity to exchange Christmas Greetings to the Library Ferrarin.

We expect!

Library Ferrarin Mondatori

David Via De Massari No 10

LEGNAGO (Verona)